Slices of Life

Slices of Life
  • Main Genre: Anthology | Released: 2011 | Runtime: 108 Mins

Movie Details

At home, at work, at play... TERROR is never far away!

Mira awakens in front of a seedy roadside motel with amnesia. She searches for clues to her identity in the pages of three flesh-bound books, in which each book represents a different aspect of everyday life. Sexual parasites, zombies, demon children and more spring to gory life from the books.

Directed by: Anthony G. Sumner
Starring: Deneen Melody, Alan Rowe Kelly, Toya Turner, Kaylee Williams, Jack Guasta

Special Features:
-Blooper Reel
-"Jitters" Short Film
-"The Ladies of Slices" short
-Production Scrapbook Slideshow
-VFX Featurette
-Audio Commentary by the Cast

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