Black Ribbon

Black Ribbon

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  • Main Genre: Satanic | Released: 2008 | Runtime: 108 Mins

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One man's journey into darkness

All hell breaks loose when famous writer Kenneth Richardson (Tony Rugnetta) becomes the owner of a most unusual Typewriter. The original owner, Jeffrey Blackwood, was a Sadist and Satan worshiper. Who abducted women and brutally tortured them during rituals trying to resurrect Satan. Kennet becomes possessed by the spirit of Jeffrey Blackwood and with the help of a mentally challenged man (Rudy Altenor) they kidnap Emily Harrison (Debbie D) and prepare her for the "Black Mass" which will bring Satan through the Gates of Hell.

Directed by: John Orrichio
Starring: Tony Rugnetta, Jacki Vogel, Debbie D, Joe Franklin

UPC: 769529970637
Catalog/SKU #: MR9706

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