Hell's Threshold

Hell's Threshold

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  • Main Genre: Satanic | Released: 2008 | Runtime: 76 Mins

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Crossing boundaries into another world

155 years ago, Apostolos and Anastasia were brutally murdered by jealousy. Now, when the planets align, a vortex is created that channels all the energy of the galaxy to one location, creating a threshold into another world. And when the threshold is disturbed, Apostolos is awakened... To kill! All the while, journalist Sam Bishop (Gervase Peterson, "Survivor", "Nash Bridges", "As The World Turns") relentlessly searches for Apostolos to seek his revenge for the brutal death of his wife, Veronica.

Directed by: Felix Diaz
Starring: Gervase Peterson, Giancarlo Maleno, Bolden Abrans Jr.

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