Bleeding Hearts

Bleeding Hearts
  • Main Genre: Serial Killer | Released: 2015 | Runtime: 103 Mins

Movie Details

Killer Sisters Who Will Love You to Death

The Van Houtens are sadistic, lunatic sisters. Through a deranged pact to "capture the hearts" of five men every year, they kidnap, rape, torture and kill their victims with systematic gory success. Their maniacal rampage may be in jeopardy, however, through an ironic twist of fate: a documentary filmmaker's car breaks down in Mansionville. While stranded and waiting for parts in the non-functioning town, he learns of the sisters, their secretive month-long vacation, and the many men who have disappeared. As the fresh meat is being brutalized and murdered, the filmmaker starts asking questions--and he begins making the connection. Is he on the road to an Oscar? Or an untimely, horrific death?

Directed by: Dylan Bank
Starring: Dustin Diamond, Robert Loggia, Charles Durning, Tony Todd, Suzi Lorraine, Rachael Robbins

Special Features:
-Behind the Scenes of Bleeding Hearts
-Behind the Scenes with Dustin Diamond
-World Premiere video

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