Mayhem Motel

Mayhem Motel

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  • Main Genre: Slasher | Released: 2008 | Runtime: 78 Mins

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Get ready for the most disturbing night of your life

What can happen in the course of one night in an average motel? TOO MUCH! Vomiting, spanking, shooting, stabbing and smothering... Anything and everything goes at MAYHEM MOTEL. The strangest cast of characters ever assembled gets together for a night you will not soon forget.

Directed by: Karl Kempter
Starring: Matt Biancaniello, Lorene Scafaria, Sara Berkowitz, Duane Langley

"Mayhem Motel is the kinda place that David Lynch and John Waters would open if they ever decided to create some unholy alliance."

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Catalog/SKU #: BD9667

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