Shock X-Treme 4-DVD Set

Shock X-Treme 4-DVD Set

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  • Main Genre: Box Sets | Released: 2009 | Runtime: 380 Mins

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Not for the squeemish!

Brain Damage Films proudly presents the SHOCK X-TREME series! Experience all four volumes of this gruesome series that defines the word SHOCKUMENTARY! Witness the brutal acts of man against man in Vol. 1 - SNUFF VIDEO. See some of the most horrifying images plucked from the darkest depths of the internet in Vol. 2 - DEATH.COM. The true-life violence and terror of gangs is exposed in Vol. 3 - GANGS OF DEATH. Real people, real battles, all caught on tape in Vol. 4 - REAL FIGHTS! All four available now for the first time as a set!

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