Traces of Death Box Set - Volumes 1-5

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Traces of Death Box Set - Volumes 1-5

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  • Main Genre: Box Sets | Released: 2003 | Runtime: 447 Mins

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9 Years of HELL!


We are pleased to bring you this digitally re-mastered Traces of Death 9th Anniversary Collection Edition Box Set. Probably the best shock series available, Traces of Death is completely real. This is all real footage of things that made members of the Brain Damage Films staff physically ill. People getting eaten, cadavers getting poked at, cut up, embalmed... Gut wrenchingly disgusting footage that should never be viewed by anyone, ever. The box set includes the complete series, Volumes 1-5, plus BONUS footage and interviews!

Witness the horrifying death of a tourist as he is devoured and ripped into tiny pieces of mutilated flesh by a hungry pack of lions! Hear the hum of the coroner's instruments as they tear through flesh and bone! Watch as the screen drips red with the blood of the innocent as a GIANT ROBOT TRANSFORMER goes crazy! See the gut wrenching torture inflicted by the El Salvadorian Death Squad! See mangled street thugs, puke-inducing amputations, blood-soaked car accidents and violated female murder victims!! See the infamous live highway car suicide! Take a Look into a dark and gothic counter culture known as suspension! And TONS MORE!!!

Take a look inside our most gruesome movie bundle by checking out each volume below

Traces Of Death Volume 1

It doesn't get any deader than this...

Follow our cameras as we descend into the unimaginable. A "no holds barred" onslaught of carnage. You will see actual suicides, murders, autopsies and embalming. Witness the terrifying on camera death of an unlucky tourist as he is viciously eaten by a den of hungry lions. See rare footage of the Ilsa Koch skin and face collection (whose atrocities directly inspired numerous movies as well as the grizzly mutilations by mass murderer/cannibal Ed Gein). Hear the piercing hum of the coroners' instruments as they tear the flesh and grind the bones. There is all of this and much, much more as they happen right before your non-believing eyes. This is an intense and extremely graphic shockumentary exposing rare footage of inhumane atrocities. "Traces of Death" is the first "True Shockumentary." It takes the viewer into grim rooms that they would only be in if they were dead!

Traces Of Death Volume 2

It Just Got Deader!

Join us once again, your grisly host from beyond, as you journey into the most unbelieveable realms of death and destruction. Watch as the screen drips red with the blood of a monster truck show where a giant robot transformer act goes horribly wrong!

See first hand, close-up, exploding limbs, splayed cadavers, devastating car wrecks and much, much more! Turn down the lights, flame a candle, and prepare yourself... It Just Got Deader!

Traces Of Death Volume 3

Dead and Buried!

Traces of Death III brings you the horrifying aftermath of terrorist suicide bombers. You will look into the hollow eyes of a young girl who fell victim to a true "Silence Of The Lambs" story. See the gut wrenching torture inflicted by the El Salvidorian Death Squad!

The first true "shockumentary" series continues with the most brutal and vile acts of inhumane atrocities ever compiled on film. Keep your unbelieving eyes open and let the carnage continue!

Featuring music by:
Mortitian, Dead World, Pungent Stench, Core, Kataklysm, Hypocrisy, Purge, Sinister, Meshuggah, Brutality, Dismember, Deceased, Gorefest, Macabre, Benediction, Incantation, and Repulsion. Music provided by Relapse Records and Nuclear Blast. Soundtrack available separately.

Traces Of Death Volume 4


Enter again into the wretched world of mayhem and death. If you think you have witnessed our planet's most vile atrocities, think again!
Take a front row seat to mangled street thugs, puke-inducing amputations, and blood-soaked car accidents. Grab your barf bags, because the first true "shockumentary" is... Back From The Dead!

Featuring music by:
Dreadful Shadows, Sinister, Umbra Et Imago, Monstrosity, Meshuggah, Satanic Industries Limited, Gorefest, Slapdash, Brutality, Core, Dissection, End of Green, Lacrimosa, 187 Crew, Sanctions, Hypocrisy, Therion, and Dismember. Music provided by Nuclear Blast

Traces Of Death Volume 5

Back In Action!

All new footage! Even more vile than before! Absolutely NO staged scenes!
The most intense, extreme graphic shockumentary scenes ever continue. It's a no holds barred onslaught of carnage. Once again we walk hand in hand with gruesome reality of the most brutal and vile scenes of inhumane atrocities.
Follow the camera into rooms of violated female murder victims. Watch as the camera follows the bloodiest, vile and puke-inducing car accident series ever caught on tape. See the infamous live highway shotgun suicide. See first hand the most blood-soaked footage ever captured. Take a look into a dark and gothic counter-culture known as suspension, and the world of extreme backyard wrestling.
Out of the crypt, beyond the cemetery, through the gates and into your home, Traces of Death is Back In Action!

Featuring music by:
Bile, Victims in Ecstacy, S.I.C, Wolfpac, Torque, Torso, The Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza, Thirteen Miles Down, Pelvic Meatloaf, PWR, and A Tribute to Terrible.

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